All You Need to Know About Car Registration in San Francisco

Car registration is an essential procedure for any person who owns a vehicle and resides in San Francisco. For a person who has just bought a new vehicle, the whole process of car registration can seem daunting. However, if all the requirements are met the registration process can be streamlined. There are certain things like fees, registrations, the registration certificate, and titles that a person needs to know while registering his car for the first time in San Francisco. There are typically two scenarios that are applicable in the car registration procedure. Where do the person and car belong? The steps will be different when the car is out-of-state compared to when it is an in-state vehicle.

Registering Your Car as a New Resident

For someone who is a new resident of San Francisco, the first step of the vehicle registration process is to head down to the local DMV office (Department of Motor Vehicles) and establish residency. After the residency is established, the person will have to submit an application for the title or vehicle registration. The qualifications and terms might vary depending on whether the vehicle is for commercial purposes or otherwise. However, in any of the cases, a person will have to apply and also bring proof of insurance. A person will require an out-of-state title if he is attempting to transfer the title to San Francisco. An out-of-state vehicle registration is also needed and in some cases, a weight certification is also required. The smog certification is also necessary and should be updated every two years. It is required within a specific timeframe. A fee will be taken if the smog test is not conducted and it is important for the car to pass the test.

What’s the Registration Fee?

There is a specific fee that is enforced by the state of California when vehicle owners buy a new car or get transferred to the state. All vehicles must pay a $46 registration fee. When a car is bought from a dealership, the fee is included in its total. If a vehicle is registered 20 days post-residency then the fee goes up to $30. For vehicles bought from a third party, the registration needs to be done within 10 days. Registrations done later than a year will be $50 and $100 for the ones done after two years.

Register Your Car as a Current Resident

For all those vehicle owners who have bought a car in San Francisco and have residency already established, the process of registration becomes quite easy. All the paperwork and related work will be taken care of by the dealerships with a registration renewal form. They provide a temporary registration before the arrival of the official registration and in some cases also issue license plates. You should get more information about their policy. The dealerships should also provide a manufacturer’s certificate of origin which is proof of the car’s history and the place where it was sold. The car should also come with a vehicle VIN, which is a unique vehicle identification code that is related to that single car. This is available in 17 digits and will be needed for insurance as well as registration.

For all cars that are bought from a private party or individual, a person will have 10 days to register them. All the important things like the owner’s manual and the required materials, checks, and should be there before purchasing. Once a person is an owner, the next step for registering a car is to head over to the local DMV office. Here a person needs to take the vehicle title along with its mileage, a smog certificate that depends on its registration renewal, application for the registration or title. Also, the person should be ready to pay all the required registration fees and taxes for the certificate of title. After the residency gets established, the needed proof is shown, and the fees and the tax are paid, the registration will be provided courtesy of the Secretary of State Office and along with legal witnesses.

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