Easy Ways to Renew Car Registration in San Francisco

Applying for car registration renewal in San Francisco is of utmost importance before the current registration of the vehicle expires. In a situation, where the registration is not renewed on time, a person has to pay and also traffic citations in case you get pulled over by a police officer for some reason.

As a reminder, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sends an annual notice for applying for the registration renewal before the license plates of your car or truck are scheduled to expire. The reminder notice consists of the renewal fee of the vehicle and the specific instructions that will help in renewing your registration credentials. There can be a situation where a person doesn’t receive this notice. This means it is your responsibility to keep a track of the date of expiration and start with the renewal process.

A person needs to apply for a tag renewal before the expiration of the vehicle’s license plates. In a case when a person doesn’t apply on time a late fee is applicable as no grace period is offered once the registration credentials expire.

Typically, the amount to be paid increases until the steps for renewing the vehicle’s registration are not complete. In order to learn more about all the different requirements and the steps that need to be followed for renewing your license plates, read the information below.

Different Ways to Renew Your Car Registration

There are several ways in which you can renew your car’s registration in San Francisco. These include online, using a DMV Now kiosk, or visiting in person. As we all can imagine, the fastest and the most convenient method is the online renewal process for most applicants. However, there are certain essential requirements that need to be met in order to process your application electronically. Below we are going to discuss the different ways for car registration in detail.

  • Renew Online

As mentioned above one of the easiest and quickest ways to apply for a DMV car registration renewal is via your mobile device or computer. A few of the important things that are needed for this include the license plate number, the last five digits of your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and if required a recent smog certification must be on file with the DMV.

In addition, the renewal notice should display the current address. If the address is not updated, then a person needs to request for an address update on the registration before renewing the credentials. The renewal notice also provides additional details regarding the fees that a person needs to pay for renewing the license plates.

Also, a person can check the status of their vehicle’s registration online or by their phone if the renewal notice is not received from the DMC. The same can be done if a person wishes to verify the annual registration fee before final application submission. The cost of renewing the registration credentials comprises a base registration fee, vehicle license fee, and any additional costs that change on the basis of the county where a person resides and the weight of the automobile that is to be registered.

  • DMV Now Kiosk

The best way to get the vehicle registration renewal stickers without delay is to directly visit the DMV Now kiosk for processing the request. However, if a person needs to request a name change on the registration or provide proof of an automobile insurance policy, this cannot be done by submitting the request via a DMV Now kiosk. Also, a person should have a current renewal notice from the DMV for renewing the plates by a kiosk.

When a DMV Now machine is used for applying for auto registration renewal, a person should also provide a Renewal Identification Number (RIN), current registration card, and also an accepted form of payment for covering the cost of the renewal. Once the request is processed, a person will get a new registration sticker and card before the end of their visit.

  • In Person

Some people prefer to perform the car registration check and license plate renewal by visiting the local DMV office instead of online or at a kiosk. You can also get in touch with a service provider in San Francisco to go about the whole process.

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